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Always get the right size

Markilux will always send out an awning fitter to take the exact measurements. This way you do not have to worry if you are getting the measurements right.


Fabric samples

Finding the right fabric is paramount when personalizing your awning. We can help you make the right choices. Let us show you all the fabrics.

Frame and colors


Weather dependend controls

Weather dependend controls

Radiant heater

markilux radiant heaters offer optimum support with pleasant infrared warmth - for a pleasant life outdoors. At low glare, they convert the applied energy into a maximum of heat. The radiant heaters are perfect leisure time companions for gardens, terraces, balconies and awnings. They are efficient, energy-saving and create a warm atmosphere at the touch of a button.
2500 W radiant heater. Radio controlled and Dimmable in 3 Steps: 33%-66%-100%. Soft start function for reduced starting current.
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Valance styles

Valances are short awning covers that are suspended from the front profile as additional decoration.

Operations and controls


Operation side

The operation side is seen from the outside in front of the awning.



The gear is the classic and long proven kind of operation for awnings.
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Motor + wall transmitter

The motor is used for an easy and convenient operation.
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Servo-assisted gear

The gear is equipped with a servo assistance which makes the operation of the awning easier and more comfortable.
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Silentec Motor

Outrageously quiet. Permanently reduces the noise the motor makes when extending and retracting the awning.
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Motor + hand-held transmitter markilux io-1 designcontrol (1 channel)

The attractive 1-channel radio remote control markilux io-1 designcontrol for convenient control of an awning, a radiant heater or lighting in 868 MHz radio technology. With additional memory function for programming your favourite position.
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Motor + hand-held transmitter markilux io-5 designcontrol (5 channel)

Universal hand-held transmitter with integrated Auto/Manu function for all channels. Light and heat radio receivers with dimming function can be conveniently operated via the scroll wheel. With additional memory function for programming your favourite position.
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Motor + markilux RTS transmitter - 1 channel

With the markilux hand-held radio transmitter (1 channel) your awning can be easily controlled at the push of a button. The up, down and stop buttons can be used to move the awning. This elegant and easy to use device is characterised by its attractive, ergonomic design.
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Motor + markilux RTS transmitter - 4 channel

The 4 channel hand-held remote control allows you to operate additional functions like spotlighting, shadeplus and radiant heater.
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